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Cutting-edge E‑learning in Cloud

Modern technologies based on 14 years of experience.

We have developed a platform for the complete e-learning lifecycle management – from content creation, through its distribution to learning. We support SCORM, xAPI and AICC standards.
Our products in numbers
  • 145
    connected LMS portals
  • 44
  • 30 000+
    product licenses
  • 2 mil.
    total users
We help companies in all areas of e-learning
Companies, educational institutions and public administration

Thanks to 14 years of experience,

we are able to advise you in various areas of e-learning
  • Help with selecting and deploying a suitable LMS
  • Recommendation of strategic partners for the right content
  • Setting up learning and training processes and covering the entire implementation of e-learning
  • Help with integration ofanother solution into your environment
E-learning Content Creators

We provide full technological coverage when it comes to creating e-learning content.

  • Recommendations and development of tools for e-learning content creation
  • Ensuring compliance with the SCORM 1.2 / 2004 standard and others
  • Content security and its subsequent distribution to the LMS
  • Convenient licensing and sale of content as well as automated generation of product catalogs
E-learning distributors

We can speed up the SCORM packages distribution to LMS by half.

We provide full process automation with various learning portals.
  • LMS portals management
  • Content templates for visual identity customization and logo settings
  • Generation of product catalogs in PDF
  • Support for RTL (Arabic) courses
LMS developers/vendors

We understand technology and business.

We can help you build key partnerships, which bring new opportunities.
  • Help with fine-tuning e-learning standards SCORM, xAPI, AICC and with following audit
  • New partnerships recommendation and assistance with integration
  • Opening additional sales channels with new customers

Learning Management System

Scormium LMS

is a customizable learning portal for access to e-learning courses, student management, planning and monitoring of their courses

Main Advantages of Scormium LMS

Scalable learning portal in cloud

  • Ready for B2C & B2B use  with the ability to provide courses as a service and  customize content according to corporate identity.
  • Contains tools for management, monitoring & licencing of courses and students.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems or e‑commerce via REST API.
  • Regular penetration testing. Compliant with the highest security certifications.
  • Native support of  SCORM, AICC and xAPI standards.
1. Scalability
Stable & scalable LMS ready to be deployed in enterprise.
2. Adaptability
Options to adapt and expand functions according to customer requirements
3. User-friendly
App interface designed according to the needs of students and lecturers.

E-learning platform

Scormium Studio

 facilitates the creation, distribution and licensing of e-learning content

Main advantages of Scormium Studio

Robust cloud solution for e-learning companies

  • E-learning content is securely safed in Microsoft Azure cloud, where you can create, edit, or connect existing catalogs.
  • Every content update is automaticaly distributed to all connected LMS.
  • Compatible with all LMS thanks to native SCORM, AICC, xAPI standards support.
  • E-learning can be easily licenced according to needs. Consumption is displayed in comprehensible dashboard with statistics.
1. Creation
You can create and manage e-learning directly in Scormium.
2. Distribution
Data is securely stored in the cloud. Packages are distributed according to SCORM standards.
3. Control
You can license e-learning as needed and have full control over courses and usage.

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