A little about our company

We do what we love

Why Sense4Code?

We code each line with feeling and intuition, so that it serves your business as much as possible. The result? Safe, creative, functional and personalized applications.

Školení a vzdělávání
Teambuilding akce

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for talents in various fields.
Why working with us is a pleasure
We rely on the personal touch
Who will work on your applications? Actual people, with rich experience, with a sense of coding and humor, not just random 'IT guys'.
We perceive every job as a challenge
We discuss all your requirements and ideas in detail, then we bring them to life thanks to our know-how.
We value long-term relationships
Delivering the application is not the end for us. We will be happy to help you innovate it and also implement other projects.
We supply software of the highest possible quality
As implied by the name of the company, we think about what we do, therefore the applications are of great quality.
Analýza workflow
Our story

This is how code was written in our company:

There is a lot ahead of us
We now have our own sales reps, marketeers and technical departments. We have newly built our own test department, which helps us create even better applications. From a project started by 2 friends, we are now a company that employs 30 people.
We can't fit in one office anymore
In the next year, there were 15 of us. We welcomed new and interesting requests and, as we grew, we had to start solving completely new obstacles. We needed our own HR, better equipment and a much bigger fridge.
There were 5 of us
A year later, we added 3 more members to the team. We gradually proved that cooperating with us is worth it! The number of clients increased and, even though we keep it business, we still negotiated the best projects over beer. Friendly and straightforward.
The idea works
We started enjoying the work and the first application was out there. We work with the customers with satisfaction and positive energy. Our own offices and  coffee makers became a reality. The interviews with the first programmer were successful.
World, here we are!
In the beginning there were 2 people and one vision. An experienced programmer and a seasoned businessman, with a common desire to create modern software and applications. Creative, clean, sustainable, timeless ... simply better than the rest.
The People of Sense4code
Internal people in the company
New projects
Based on recommendations from existing clients

Company values & culture

Professional development
We try to use the potential of each individual and offer them the opportunity for job growth

Be the best in what we do, accomplish customers' needs
Projects and work
'I work on each assignment and project because I enjoy it, not because of my manager's satisfaction'
Friendly company culture
Our long-term goal is to create an environment where everyone feels great