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Brief project description

We started cooperating on this project already in its MVP phase. We managed to take over the coordination of the project and the delivery of the MVP product in full quality and the time expected by the customer. The biggest challenge was to rewrite the front end of the application. This step had the main benefit, and that is the responsiveness of the application on all devices.

The latest module from our production is the eCloud Signature project, which enables signing with a biometric signature and an electronic certificate.

TRIA is a personnel, payroll and attendance application that will reduce the time required for employee administration by up to 50%. With TRIA, you combine approximately 6 steps into 1 form. It is filled in by the employee (or superior) and contains all the information for creating a contract and processing salaries. You can easily define and customize all templates according to your needs in Word and PDF format. From the company logo to the texts. TRIA always responds to new legislative requirements. For example, employees can use the application to generate a code for the field of their education and other necessities.

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